Downtown Beautification Ideas

Prior to establishing the new CFMA, our Village Merchant Commission came up with several proposals to make the downtown area more attractive to customers. I thought I’d post here to see what other merchants in the community think, and to start new conversations.

Cloth Streetlight Banners

Several merchants have suggested that we use the cloth banners that hang vertically on light posts. The Shopping Plaza has these in their parking area. Hudson and Aurora are both using them as well. The most simple application would be “Welcome To Chagrin Falls” banners. Others have suggested we have seasonal versions that highlight our main events – Summer Sidewalk Sale, Magic on Main Street for the Holidays, etc.

Lighted or illuminated trees in Triangle Park area.

A second suggestion was that we investigate some type of year round lighting on our street trees in the Triangle Park area. This goes along with the suggestions that we light the waterfall in the evenings. Lighting can be controversial – I know we have already seen letters from residents that do not want these types of enhancements. That said, lighting is also very effective. One of our biggest draws in the holiday season is the magical twinkling lights streetscape created by the Chagrin Valley Jaycees lighting program.

“More Shops” Signage

Every year we struggle with how to get people to turn the corner off Main Street to visit our shops that are located on side streets. One suggestion that comes up often is that we erect some simple “More Shops” signage at corners that would let people know we have retail off the main drag. I’ve personally wondered if we might be able to create some additional small bump out gardens at the prime locations for these turns (I’m thinking at the new Chase Bank sidewalk, where the speed limit sign now sits), and use them to make a sign more attractive.

Do you have ideas for improvements that would help increase foot traffic and shopping in the downtown area? Let us know in the comments.

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  1. I am in support of all of these, the cloth banners are always on my mind (they look very professional) and the “more shops” or professional and same design signs for what businesses are down each side street of Main Street could look cute and help visitors navigate town!